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A collaborative storytelling roleplaying game about the force and power of human character in the face of scarcity, corruption, and adversity. Sign up in the pop-out to receive the free beta version coming in 2019!



VIGOR is a game about people. Beautiful, complicated, irrepressible, flawed-at-times people. In this game, we use themes of scarcity and adversity as catalyzing forces to shape and showcase the depth of these characters' humanity, as well as provide a compelling backdrop for locations, threats, and supporting characters.  

Players tell their story and roleplay their characters according to their own distinctive ROLEPLAY PROMPTS: Narratives, Roots, and Natures. These prompts not only help inform the players' decisions and roleplay, but provide the capstone mechanic for character advancement, and influence the outcome of a roll of the dice.  

The fiction that develops out of these Roleplay Prompts is then supported by a light and fast dice engine that both flexes with and propels the action, enabling the players to craft their story in an easy, collaborative flow that's driven by who their characters are and what they care about.  

When it all comes together, Vigor aims to mechanize storytelling and roleplay to empower the human story of survival and community, and inspire us as players at the table to live out our own revolutions – big and small – to help bring hope and healing into the world around us. With vim and vigor.