Character-Forward Roleplaying

Better characters make better stories.
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VIGOR is a game about people. Beautiful, complicated, flawed-at-times, but ultimately irrepressible people. In this game, players create their own Lead Character with drives, relationships, instincts, and a clear point of view. Then, we let those things take center stage.

Players tell their story according to their Leads’ distinct ROLEPLAY PROMPTS: 

  • Threads - what are they interested in (personally and in the story)?

  • Natures - how do they approach obstacles and adversity?

  • Roots - what grounds them and reminds them of who they are?

These prompts not only help inform the players' decisions and roleplay, but provide the platform for character advancement, and influence the outcome of a roll of the dice.  


The narrative that develops from the Leads’ Roleplay Prompts is supported by a fiction-forward dice engine, building toward success as you leverage more of your Lead’s unique qualities to the task at hand. And rather than a simple dichotomy of success or failure, the players achieve results that prod the story along as well: from a “No, and…” to a “Yes, but…” and all the way up to the elusive “Yes, and…” depending on how the dice fall.

When it all comes together, Vigor aims to help you produce memorable characters who live unforgettable stories. We want your play experience to highlight the greater human story of survival and community, and inspire us as players at the table to live out our own revolutions – big and small – to help bring hope and healing into the world around us. With vim and vigor.