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Thank you, GenCon 2018!


We had an absolute blast at GenCon this past weekend. Running 5 sessions for 20 different people over the course of the con gave us some excellent insight and feedback! We're so grateful to all of you who shared the Vigor storytelling experience with us, and to the First Exposure Playtest Hall for giving us a place to play. The final shape of this game will be very much influenced by you, the players, as we put the finishing touches on the Vigor Quick Start Guide coming out later this fall.

Speaking of which, it's back to work for us! There's much writing and testing still to be done, but – because of your energy and positivity at the table – we're excited to channel that inspiration and help this game live its best, most rabble-rousing life.


Until next time, keep giving a damn. Keep playing the stories that inspire you to push back against the corrupt hierarchies in your communities. Take your Vigor from the table to the streets. Be a source of hope and help for those in the margins. We'll be working right here with you. Catch you soon!